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I need to figure out what i owe

Alliance One in Seattle, Washington - Did not abide by state law RCW 19.16

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King County Courts said I owed a $2,500 debt, but it doesn't say that on my court order. I am supposed to make payments to Alliance One, a collection agency They have never sent a monthly statement, didn't notify me of my right to file a dispute, haven't kept accurate or competent record of my payments and after filing a letter of dispute with them, they still contacted me and didn't give me any documentation supporting their claim.

My son and I are on Social Security Disability and I'd rather buy food than pay them.



I am so sorry to hear of your problems with Alliance One. They have not cooperated well with me and my request for verification of debt and they are reporting one amount to credit bureaus and asking me for a different amount without providing any sort of billing statement or description of charges. Unfortunately, most of these collection agencies don't do anything when you dispute charges and request validation except for mark it as disputed to credit reporting agencies.

Oolitic, Indiana, United States #220867

Alliance one is a huge fuckjob and the reason i bought an assault riffle

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